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Since the mid-nineties we have all seen a substantial growth in using of the Internet. It's then that I realised a passion for it when I got on board in '98.

With its growth, the technologies and methodologies used have continually developed also: Web 2.0 collaboration (e.g. 'blogging'); better interactive design with the numerous JavaScript libraries; easier, more available server-side technologies. I've kept in touch with all aspects - please see the list to the right.

Additionally, a website launch generally knowledge of the following specialisms:

  • business awareness
  • design skills
  • development skills
  • budget awareness
  • user-interface UI experience
  • marketing (including SEO)

Please see my philosophy on what makes a website successful.

Core technical skills


  • Dreamweaver
  • Visual Studio 2005/2008
  • Photoshop
  • Fireworks
  • Fireworks & Firebug
  • SQL Server
  • Adobe suite (InDesign, Illustrator, Flash)


  • raw HTML coding
  • raw CSS coding
  • JavaScript
  • AJAX
  • Yahoo YUI
  • JQuery
  • ASP.NET 2.0 / AJAX Toolkit
  • SEO
  • MVC

General skills